Heavy Rotation Updated

All new material ( to me ) from artists that I already really like. She & Him ( Him == M. Ward, Jive Soweto is another volume of the The Indestructible Beats series, I can't believe I didn't have all the Thievery Corp Albums, and the new Black Keys album. Enjoy. She & Him -... Continue Reading →

Long Live vi/vim

I always get a smile when I see evidence that vi/vim is still kicking 🙂 For example. The Tao of Mac Blog has a good vi/vim post that includes a set of links to cheat sheats and apps. On another tack. A few weeks ago I was talking "Mac" with Bill R and he was... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ PC Heat Sinks!

I've always enjoyed the synergy between complex semiconductors and cooling technologies. It's been a while since I've seen the latest heat sink. I found this while perusing the Home Theatre PC system guide at Ars. So Cool 😎

Why ASICs are Important (PA Semi & Apple )

There are few product platforms that can support the development of unique processor or ASIC. Apple is one of those companies that has product platforms that drive enormous volumes. For semi developers this shrinking list of prospects is a nightmare - you win apple or you don't. If you lose, you have nothing. Thus there... Continue Reading →

bye bye yahoo mail plus

I had to phone in my cancellation of service for yahoo mail plus today 👿 I was going to let my cancellation of yahoo mail plus go by silently. I felt that I've posted too much wrt/ my Yahoo mail problems, but then the "cancel service" button didn't work online 😦 I had to phone... Continue Reading →

Hackintosh – Mac OSX on PC Hardware

Last week Bill tipped me off to Hackintosh 😎 which led me to this cool article on Lifehacker Build a Hackintosh Mac for Under $800 Then today there is a post on GigaOm's Web Worker Daily Psystar - $400 Mac? This site ... looks like a "beautiful time waster" 💡 OSx86 Project

Internet Traffic Growth ~ 60% YoY

My favorite line is in the conclusion "The Internet core is so far from being overwhelmed that Odlyzko suggests ISPs should attempt to stimulate more usage rather than limit it" Ars Technica has a good article on Internet Traffic Growth - Keeping pace? Torrents of traffic and the Internet backbone. It's big, but not a... Continue Reading →

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