Heavy Rotation Updated

All new material ( to me ) from artists that I already really like. She & Him ( Him == M. Ward, Jive Soweto is another volume of the The Indestructible Beats series, I can’t believe I didn’t have all the Thievery Corp Albums, and the new Black Keys album. Enjoy.

She & Him – Volume One

Jive Soweto (The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 4)

Thievery Corporation- Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi

The Black Keys – Attack & Release

Good Reading | Fiberevolution: Revisiting the PON vs P2P debate

Benoit at Fiberevolution has a good post on FTTH issues Fiberevolution: Revisiting the PON vs P2P debate. I particularly like his conclusion 👿

The final conclusion I recently came to on this issue – and you might say I could have figured it out earlier – is that you should not trust vendor discourse on this issue. Unfortunately, they speak with the loudest voices. …

Here are the points covered.

  • Don’t confuse technology and topology
  • Homerun vs Passive star
  • Cost differentials should be looked at at the active layer
  • OPEX savings
  • PON and unbundling

Thank You, Marshall Goldsmith – WGHY != WGHT

I really needed What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There. The list of 20 bad behaviours and strategies to change them was very enlightening. I particularly liked the discussion on “adding too much value, “saying thank you” a lot more, and “active listening” to make the talker feel like the most important person in the room.

A key part of his message is that — It is not how you view yourself that counts, it is how other people view you that counts. It is the disconnect between how we view ourselves and how others view us that is the problem. Thus we need others to help us find and solve the problem.

The section on follow-up was fantastic. It takes 12-18 months to truly change, it’s a process that you have to work at, one really has to “follow-up” to change. This section had my favorite “story” in which Goldsmith regales us with his motivation for “strong follow-up”. It can be summarized with the following Q&A.

Q. “Does anyone actually get better by taking one of your courses?
A. I had to sheepish say I don’t know.

This is a very popular book and there are a ton of reviews on Amazon

You can also check out his blog. Here is a good post on listening and responding. Marshall Goldsmith Blog » Is It Worth It?

I found out about this book via Harvey Schacter’s 2007 top ten business books. It was number 2 behind “Made 2 Stick“. I listened to the audible version. I’m trying to work on saying “Thank You” and “listening better”.

Why ASICs are Important (PA Semi & Apple )

There are few product platforms that can support the development of unique processor or ASIC. Apple is one of those companies that has product platforms that drive enormous volumes. For semi developers this shrinking list of prospects is a nightmare – you win apple or you don’t. If you lose, you have nothing. Thus there are fewer application specific devices getting developed by semi-vendors these days.

This feels like Cisco’s Quantum Flow device thought process. I’ll speculate that it goes like this “We are the leader – we are the market – it’s all about software”. Hmm what hardware are we going to use? There is no processor being developed that fits our needs. We’ll have to sub it, but the sub only has us as a customer. We’ll have to show them what to do. Then the sub will try to sell this to our competitors who will have an equivalent hardware platform to develop software on. Yuck. Let’s do it ourselves. Bottom line — these monster platforms can be vertically integrated if they want to.


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