summer break

June 20, 2008

Posting will be very sparse in July and August.

Suggestions for summer reading and listening are appreciated. (via comment or e-mail.)


Link | Solarflare Gets $26M for 10 GigE ( for running total of $126M) – GigaOM

June 17, 2008

Solarflare Gets $26M for 10 GigE – GigaOM remember when chip startups were “acquired” for less than $126M.

Link | Big Growth for the Internet Ahead, Cisco Says – GigaOM

June 17, 2008

Big Growth for the Internet Ahead, Cisco Says – GigaOM: Om is “happy” with Cisco’s new traffic forecast of 46% annual growth for 2007 to 2012.

Torrey Pines was a Nail Biter

June 16, 2008

Whew! What a great US Open. That was entertainment.

  • Eagles, Birdies, Bogeys, Tiger’s many Doubles — Scoring was all over the place.
  • A hobbled Tiger vs. a guy who has been hobbling with a bad back for years.
  • And an Englishman who almost made the playoff.

Link | An Application Specific Semi Vendors Dream Story | – The truth about last year’s Xbox 360 recall

June 12, 2008 – The truth about last year’s Xbox 360 recall: tip to Andrew@Nyquist for spotting this. I had to post it ’cause it is a Application Specific Semi-vendors dream story. The gist is of the story is that MSFT decided to do their own chip design using TSMC ( what I call an ASIC – Application Specific Integrated Circuit) instead of having ATI design the chip ( which is normally called an ASSP – Application Specific Standard Product). Unfortunately, the MSFT-ASIC didn’t work and they had to go with ATI in the end.

I’m sure that the sales and marketing departments of PMCS, VTSS, AMCC, BRCM, MRVL, ATI, etc are loving this story.

I have to say that the usage of ASSP and ASIC in this EE Times story was butchered very badly.

Link | Seth’s Blog: Not so grand

June 11, 2008

Seth’s Blog: Not so grand: Seth had a great string of posts last week. I particularly like this posting bashing of gala’s and grand openings. It also includes this gem — “Most overnight successes take a decade (okay, four years online).”

Link | A VC: Managing “Unproductive” Meetings

June 11, 2008

A VC: Managing “Unproductive” Meetings: Fred’s got some good points. I like “1) Limit the length of the meeting upfront. ( and that 30 min is a good limit).” and “6) Ask the person who you met with to follow up with an email with the specific request they are making of you.”