Breakin’ Silence to Talk Tunes

Tunes that bring a smile to my face 🙂

Army Navy. You can listen to Army Navy on Hype Machine Their cover of “Get Right Back” .. they call it “Right Back Where We Started From “is very very fun.

Eagles of Death Metal. I’ve had this on my “try it out list” for a while. The Moes Bro’s sold me hard this weekend. Got Peace Love Death Metal yesterday. Way too much fun! Listen here. Deja Voodoo just occurred …. they just released a new album today.


Happy 2nd Birthday!

It’s been 2 years of “Iain’s Chips & Tech” today. Here’s to another one ❗

Quick Update: I’ve been in blog hibernation since June and likely will remain so until the end of November. Prepping for my course, that starts next week, has been much more work than I thought.

wrt/ reading: I’m looking forward to Neal Stephenson’s Anathem. It’s 937 numbered pages is waiting on my bedside table. Otherwise, I’ve been mainlining The Aubrey/Maturin Series. It is soooooo addictive. I’ve had many people recommend that I read the Flashman Series next. On another tack, I’ve heard good things about Donald E. Westlake’s John Dortmunder books

wrt/ music: not much has grabbed me lately. I’m liking new releases of old favorites: Thievery Corp Radio Retaliation and Sigur Ros Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust

wrt/ tech: I’m gonna leave this one alone.