40,000th Hit Today!

My blog is "Small and Steady". The most popular posts are as expected -- "in areas where I have expertise and provide something of value". I enjoy writing about books, music, marketing, career mgmt, etc. It really helps me learn about those things. But you (the readers ) definitely prefer reading posts that are about... Continue Reading →

iMac Blue Vertical Lines :(

Serious bummer. My 2 year old iMac started to display a blue vertical line a week ago. The Apple dealer "fixit" price is 1/2 a new iMac. Of course I'm not alone on this one. ( ie it's far too common). There is a blog dedicated to Blue Vertical Lines 😦 I've been a dedicated... Continue Reading →

TV Addictions – Smallville

Our house is in the midst of an addiction to Smallville. Yes that show about Superman's teen years. It's lotsa fun. I like watching Clark learn about his powers and where he comes from. It's a good mix of action, long-term-story, teen angst, teen love/lust, superman history, etc. It would make a great christmas gift.... Continue Reading →

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