Mac Software | MacHeist 3 Bundle Available Now

MacHeist 3 Bundle referral link This year for $39 you get the following apps (yes all of them). I'm guessing that I'll on use a few, but it will be fun trying them out. iSale (eBay mgr) Picturesque (Photo Editor) SousChef World of Goo (Game) PhoneView (iPhone/iTouch ) LittleSnapper (Photo Organizer) Acorn (Photo Editor) Kinemac... Continue Reading →

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Programs

I've been meaning to provide some detailed commentary on the following CFS articles wrt/ to my personal experience. After a few weeks of procrastinating I'm going to kick start myself by posting the links. I've never done the Phil Parker process mentioned here. It does seem like a "hard sell" and the skepdic article sums... Continue Reading →

How to Start!

Seth's recent post Nothing The only thing worse than starting something and failing... is not starting something. is so simple and yet I just shook my head at the number of times I've needed that to be said to me. I find that Carol Dweck's Mindset ideas and strategies are a great way to ensure... Continue Reading →

Fizzers Get Smashed

A big congratulations to the Fizz Project Lab Director, Jon Nakane, for hosting another successful project fair. Excellent stuff Jon, Bernhard, and Jeff! The students, projects, speakers, and food were great 🙂 Congratulations to award winners and all the students who displayed their projects. I liked this years confined display area because it forced us... Continue Reading →

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