Adam Pash’s Hackintosh Series is “Sooooo Tempting”

It would be great to get a Core 2 Quad 3.0GHz OS X system for around $1,200 CDN ❗

I’ve had very good success with Adam’s past hacker stuff like DD-WRT home routers. So I’ve been following his Hackintosh series with serious interest. Last year it seemed like too much maintenance required. But this weeks last few posts are very tantalizing ’cause there is “Very limited hacking and the amazing “no hacking” on OS upgrade”


Big Bucks and Choking

Sport’s analogies creep into business speak all the time. Here is a good one relating big pay with stress and eventually “choking”.

Those who are intrinsically motivated, who work at creative or cognitively challenging jobs, and who want to do great work because it gives them great satisfaction, may discover that their performance suffers when financial rewards balloon – as they do with huge bonuses. It’s called “choking under pressure,” Susan Pinker: The motivational paradox of big bonuses

Summer has ended 😦 It was time to do a “serious” post.

DownTempo masterpiece ? – The xx

I’m really liking The xx. It’s downtempo, sparse, melodic, … very cool. Beware songs #2 “VCR” and #4 “Islands” will stick in your head for days ( if not weeks ). If you like Thievery Corp, Sigur Ros, Lali Puna, Burial; then give The xx a go

The irony for me is that I spent all summer with the “distorted guitar” of Dinosaur Jr and the pep of The Thermals.


“Great Re-Read” – Harry Potter – #1

On re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone I was amazed at how much I, and my family, remembered. We remembered almost every chapter. Which is amazing given that we read it in 2000. This is a fantastic book. Read it again.

My impetus to re-read was that my youngest missed out on the HP hype machine in the past few years. This summer we read it out loud to him like the other kids. Surprise, surprise everyone joined in. The older ones even read a few chapters. Was great fun.

Learnin’ Python on Mac & Cygwin

I bit the bullet and started scripting in Python instead of Perl this spring. There is plenty of Python help on the web, but I find that I still need a book. I found these 2 books very handy.

Python standard on Mac and on PC with Cygwin

My primary environment is OS X, but I mix Mac and PC a lot. I find that Python in Cygwin is great for my needs.

Saw History Yesterday – Fins beat USA @ Women’s Canada Cup Opener

After the 1st Period it looked like a usual Fin vs USA game with USA dominating everywhere. But then there was a stunning second period by the Fins. There was a little help from a fluky goal off Ruggiero’s skate. But the Fins then scored a highlight-reel 3rd goal in the last period. The USA had their chances with 2 power plays, but they couldn’t get any quality shots during their power plays. Except one off the cross bar which looked like it was the one, but it wasn’t.

The only downer was that there was no one there to see the game 😦

here is the box score