Telco 2.0 Indepth on Internet Stats

A few days ago I posted some tidbits on Google making up 6% of internet traffic. If you want all the gory details. Telco 2.0 guys have it here Latest Internet traffic stats: Google and CDNs outmuscle Tier 1 Telcos I like the contrast of declining "Revenue from Internet Transit Slide" with the increasing "Revenue... Continue Reading →

Gleefully Busting A Move

I love Glee. This week's Bust A Move was great. I'm gonna have to break out my old vinyl. Yes, I was one of those people who bought the big single and played it to death 🙂 It's here on youtube

Marketing Connects

Yesterday's Marketing Supports Sales post reminded me of an old Marketing Connects rant I posted a while back. The key point is that marketing people get the ball rolling, and keep the ball rolling so that "others can finish". Marketing people fail if they decide/want to be the star. Their success is directly proportional to... Continue Reading →

Save The Great Bear Rainforest

Andrew (Andy) Wright is having his "Emeralds at the Edge" Book Launch on Oct 22 at Science World. Link to the glowing Globe & Mail Review All profits from the book are donated to Sierra club. Good work Andy 🙂

2009 Version – BAEN 502

The 2009 version of my BAEN 502 course outline is now online. An early "thank you" to all the guest speakers who have signed on. download it Briefly this course is based on Steve Blank's Four Steps to the Epiphany and borrows heavily from his course. It is all about Customer Development which you can... Continue Reading →

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