Telco 2.0 Indepth on Internet Stats

A few days ago I posted some tidbits on Google making up 6% of internet traffic. If you want all the gory details. Telco 2.0 guys have it here Latest Internet traffic stats: Google and CDNs outmuscle Tier 1 Telcos I like the contrast of declining "Revenue from Internet Transit Slide" with the increasing "Revenue... Continue Reading →

Gleefully Busting A Move

I love Glee. This week's Bust A Move was great. I'm gonna have to break out my old vinyl. Yes, I was one of those people who bought the big single and played it to death 🙂 It's here on youtube

Marketing Connects

Yesterday's Marketing Supports Sales post reminded me of an old Marketing Connects rant I posted a while back. The key point is that marketing people get the ball rolling, and keep the ball rolling so that "others can finish". Marketing people fail if they decide/want to be the star. Their success is directly proportional to... Continue Reading →

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