Telco 2.0 Indepth on Internet Stats

A few days ago I posted some tidbits on Google making up 6% of internet traffic.

If you want all the gory details. Telco 2.0 guys have it here Latest Internet traffic stats: Google and CDNs outmuscle Tier 1 Telcos

I like the contrast of declining “Revenue from Internet Transit Slide” with the increasing “Revenue from Internet Advertising”

Reminds me that this diagram still has meaning when analyzing opportunities in networking.

Marketing Supports Sales » Steve Blank

It became clear to me that the mission of marketing in most companies has to be to support sales. … “Sales is the sharp end of the stick, and marketing at best, is the stick.” » Steve Blank The Sharp End of the Stick

This is a very good “what does marketing do” post. It gets right to the heart of “Marketing vs Sales” politics/wars. The two biggest egos in the room are not gonna work it out amongst themselves. It’s got to be defined up front. Sales is the most important thing. End of story.