My Best of 2011 Book List

Each category is in priority order of my preference. I find it odd that I put Spiritual at the bottom. I think it is because I find this the hardest category to recommend, c'est la vie. Also these are books new to me in 2011. I was "rocked" by Tim Flannery's "Here on Earth". I... Continue Reading →

Neurolaw – Neuroscience and the Law

David Eagleman's Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain is a mind bending experience. It's gotten a ton of good reviews and most of the write ups focus on the Neuroscience part. This book does a good job on assembling an introduction to modern neuroscience. Very cool stuff. It's fun, but it not the compelling... Continue Reading →

Holidays and The Art of Happiness

I really enjoyed Howard Cutler's "The Art of Happiness". The gist of this book is that US psychiatrist Howard Cutler interviews the Dalai Lama over a period of years. The beauty is that he asks many questions that a regular person would ask. He asks the "newbie" questions that few rarely ask. (ie me )... Continue Reading →

Linchpin is Fantastic :-)

I found the one star reviews of Seth Godin's Linchpin very helpful in discussing why I really liked this book. It's repetitive, it is not linear, it is simple, it is more fun than serious, it is written in choppy blog style, it is often boring, it's little long, it's written like a manifesto, it... Continue Reading →

My 5 Star 2011 Playlist

1. The Summer Place / Fountains of Wayne 2. Secretary Song / The Go! Team 3. Is It Done / J Mascis 4. Get It Wrong, Get It Right / Feist 5. Weird Summer / Mike Doughty 6. Real Love / Beach House 7. Pumped Up Kicks / Foster the People 8. Santa Fe /... Continue Reading →

Burnout Day in BAEN 502

I cover burnout on Day 9. I do this because I've been a poster child for executive illness, burnout, or bad luck for the past 11 years. Whatever you want to call it, the fact remains that I got very sick in early 2001 and have not been well since. It has been a life... Continue Reading →

Geographical Diversity in BAEN502 2011

I'm going to post a few thoughts on the 4th installment of the Customer Development course BAEN 502 that I just finished teaching. The first is on geographical diversity. The first thing that grabs my attention with BAEN 502 at UBC, is the geographical diversity. The Internationals always outnumber the Canadians. This year 61% were... Continue Reading →

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