Lean LaunchPad 2Q 2013 Slideware

Here is the slideware from my Lean LaunchPad workshop in April-June, 2013 (in slideshare format).

Background & Inspiration & Sources

The slideware borrows heavily from Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad slideware. It extends his “Start Up Owners Manual” and “Four Steps to the Epiphany” with concepts from Roger Martin, Peter Drucker, Geoffrey Moore, and others. I also introduce a “Plan of Record Sketch” to manage the “whole product schedule”.


I often get asked about the outcomes that I’m expecting from these workshops. In the last presentation 4a end game.2013.q2 I tackle what I think the “end game” is, where the teams are at the end of this workshop, and thus set the direction of what they need to do.



Five Great Posts on Mentorship From Five Great Mentors

Here are 5 great posts on the topic of being a “mentor & advisor” from some pretty good sources.

and a bonus collection of career advice posts — Career Planning With pmarca, Seth Godin, & Steve Blank (and Ben Horowitz)

Christmas Reading List For *Fifty Something* Dad’s

Here is a quick review of my 2013 Readings. The lists are in priority order.
These may be good gift ideas for *50 something dads*


Fun — Fiction

Fun — Non-Fiction

Business — Must Reads

Business — Startups & Innovation

Business — Stories and Attitude

Self Help


Health & Spirituality