How To Love & How To Fight

I love these little books.  They're 4x6 inches like standard size photos. On one hand they are very simple, and on the other hand they appear to be summaries of the bigger books Anger and Fear.  They include all the important stuff like 6 Mantras of Loving Speech, 20 Questions for Looking into Your Relationship,... Continue Reading →

MPPGA Mind 2018

We travelled out to the UBC Liu Institute for three sessions of "Sit, Circle, and Explore" in November. We were hosted by UBC's Masters Program for Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA). We called it "MPPGA Mind 2018". We were given a fabulous location on the main floor of the Liu Institute with forest surrounding... Continue Reading →

Fizz Mind 2018 – The Slideware

All of the Fizz Mind 2018 "slideware" is available on my slideshare account. Day by Day All Slides -- I also included a version with all the slides and brief notes.

Tools for the Post-Truth World

Here are 5 books that provide tools for navigating the "Post-Truth" world. Each book was uncomfortable to read. They provide examples that force me to "open my eyes" and move away from "willful blindness". They describe biases and errors my mind makes, and then how others are attempting to manipulate me by attacking my biases... Continue Reading →

Wow! Half Way Through Fizz Mind 2018

Wow! We're halfway through Fizz Mind 2018. That's 3 Fridays of meditation class, and 3 to go. It's a big group, around 60+ people. We've got the UBC Fizz - Year 2 Cohort, 3 Professors, and 5 volunteers. Best Moment So Far I loved the eyes, and body-language on day 1. At the beginning of... Continue Reading →

Mind 2018 — Sit, Circle, Explore (Meditation, Mindfulness, and Career Planning)

My project for 2018 is the development of a workshop that Mashes-Up Meditation, Mindfulness, and Career Planning. The activities are meditation sit, meditation circle, and exploring career planning through sketching. In short "Sit, Circle, Explore." My intended audience is University Undergraduate Engineers of the creative type, the kids that take Engineering Science degrees. The first... Continue Reading →

Calm Is A Big Word

"We skip over too much when we rely too much on language" -- Dr Stuart Shanker For example here is his definition of Calm. More -- A few years back I was introduced to the "Self Regulation" work of Dr Stuart Shankar. I really like how he explores the complexities of regulating oneself versus controlling... Continue Reading →

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