unix — moving/copying files by date

On the computer nerd front. I've been struggling with "How to copy, or move, files in a directory modified within the last day". Voila I found it. Use the find command. find . -mtime -1 -exec mv '{}' new_dir \; find . -mtime -1 -exec cp '{}' new_dir \; Translation find files in current directory... Continue Reading →

Mac Software | MacHeist 3 Bundle Available Now

MacHeist 3 Bundle referral link This year for $39 you get the following apps (yes all of them). I'm guessing that I'll on use a few, but it will be fun trying them out. iSale (eBay mgr) Picturesque (Photo Editor) SousChef World of Goo (Game) PhoneView (iPhone/iTouch ) LittleSnapper (Photo Organizer) Acorn (Photo Editor) Kinemac... Continue Reading →

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