Remember when 3Com was a leader?

I just read that Bain Capital is acquiring 3Com. My first reaction was "What has 3Com done lately?" If memory serves, the last time they were a leader was over 10 years ago 😦 good luck Bain. Light Reading - Ethernet - 3Com Tastes the Bain - Telecom News Analysis 3Com Announces Agreement to Be... Continue Reading →

Van Gogh’s Letters in NY

Tip to for commenting on a Reuters article discussing the upcoming display of 20 Van Gogh letters at New York's Morgan Library and Museum. The opening quote is great and there are quite a few more. NEW YORK (Reuters) - Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh had a simple philosophy for producing good work --... Continue Reading →

slow blogging lately :-(

Don't know why. I think it has to do with September kid schedule overload 😦 Hopefully I'll be able to post comments on the first few chapters of Gary Blank's Customer Development book later this week. Lotsa great music in the last few weeks too. Spoon's "Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga", Shout out Louds "Our... Continue Reading →

Blogging Software – Mars Edit 2.0

You may have noticed that I've added the MarsEdit badge to my right hand border. This is a nod of appreciation to Daniel over at MarsEdit for promptly addressing my "international credit card" issues that reared their ugly head while trying to upgrade to version 2.0. That said I'd recommend Mars Edit to anyone regularly... Continue Reading →

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