Is “Unschooling” The Word For It?

I saw "An Unschooling Manifesto » Dave Pollard" discussed in Fred Wilson's blog today. Very interesting stuff. Pollard talks about how he was allowed to escape the "system" and that his grades improved dramatically. It reminded me of Eric Ries' post on software folks. Ries says that software programmers learn on their own. Most software-types... Continue Reading →

What the !@#$ is BC-STV

I've spent some time today trying to figure how to vote on the BC-STV. It is not a "no-brainer" decision. At it's simplest, the current 81 MLAs in 81 ridings would change to 81 MLA's distributed over 20 ridings. The ridings would have multiple MLAs. For example, the North Shore would have 4 MLAs. Here... Continue Reading →

unix — moving/copying files by date

On the computer nerd front. I've been struggling with "How to copy, or move, files in a directory modified within the last day". Voila I found it. Use the find command. find . -mtime -1 -exec mv '{}' new_dir \; find . -mtime -1 -exec cp '{}' new_dir \; Translation find files in current directory... Continue Reading →

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