It’s Sunday – Social & Soulful

My two favorite blog posts of the week are from the opposite ends of life's spectrum: "Startup Guy" and a "Spiritual MD". The "themes" are very similar. Here are the highlights. Helping, Fixing or Serving? --by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD, DailyGood, Apr 16, 2012 Helping, fixing and serving represent three different ways of seeing life.... Continue Reading →

Reading – Inside Apple

A big "Thank You" to @alanchiu for providing me with a signed copy. "Wow. It is amazing how little is known about the inner workings of Apple" --This was the overwhelming point that kept coming back to me while reading this book. There is plenty on Steve Jobs & "bullying". The review by Bob Sutton... Continue Reading →

More Startup & Entrepreneurship Reading Lists

Here is a new "HowTo Startup" reading list that Tom Eisenmann has developed for his "Launching Tech Ventures" class at Harvard. The good news is that it is very comprehensive, the bad news is that it is very comprehensive. It is huge. The headings are as follows: Lean Startup Concepts Business Model Analysis Product Management... Continue Reading →

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