Steve Blank’s Life Science LLP – Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, and Digital Health

Steve Blank ran a Reinventing Life Sciences Lean LaunchPad in the Fall of 2013. Here are all the blog posts associated with it. Introduction — Reinventing Life Science Startups 2013/08/19 Therapeutics and Diagnostics 2013/08/20 Medical Devices and Digital Health 2013/08/21 Evidence-based Entrepreneurship During Workshop — Lessons Learned — LLP for Life Science 2013/10/11 This Will... Continue Reading →

More Startup & Entrepreneurship Reading Lists

Here is a new "HowTo Startup" reading list that Tom Eisenmann has developed for his "Launching Tech Ventures" class at Harvard. The good news is that it is very comprehensive, the bad news is that it is very comprehensive. It is huge. The headings are as follows: Lean Startup Concepts Business Model Analysis Product Management... Continue Reading →

Steve Jobs Photos » Fortune

Dave W sent me this link to a gallery of Steve Jobs photo's over at Fortune mag. It brings back a lot of memories for me as a Mac User. My first experience with Jobs and Mac was back in high-school where I learned to program in basic on the Apple II.

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