My 5 Star 2011 Playlist

1. The Summer Place / Fountains of Wayne 2. Secretary Song / The Go! Team 3. Is It Done / J Mascis 4. Get It Wrong, Get It Right / Feist 5. Weird Summer / Mike Doughty 6. Real Love / Beach House 7. Pumped Up Kicks / Foster the People 8. Santa Fe /... Continue Reading →

Gleefully Busting A Move

I love Glee. This week's Bust A Move was great. I'm gonna have to break out my old vinyl. Yes, I was one of those people who bought the big single and played it to death 🙂 It's here on youtube

Slacker Summer Tunes

My summer listening was narrow as usual 🙂 I loved the new Dinosaur Jr release "Farm". I played it non-stop just like the previous album Beyond. My main feeling about "Farm" is that it sounds a lot like Neil Young(/Pearl Jam) Mirror Ball, especially my favorite song #11 "I Don't Wanna Go There". I also... Continue Reading →

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