Memorial Cup – Giants Close the Deal!

What a great game today! All four teams are now champions 😀 It was great to the see the Coliseum full of towel waving screaming fans. (no empty "sold" seats today) It was amazing to see the Giants get the forecheck going for the whole first period. Awesome effort, but kudo's to the Hat to... Continue Reading →

Memorial Cup Semi Final – A speed thing?

It is strange that Giants and "the Hat", both whupped Plymouth. It doesn't seem like a fluke, or coincidence. I'm guessing that it would happen often. I've had a very hard time figuring out the Plymouth team at this tournament. It looked like their plan was to score on the power-play, and grind down the... Continue Reading →

FTTH in UK Posts

There have been some great posts on the future of FTTH in the UK recently. Jeremy Penston @ IP Development Network Blog £2.5bn or FTTH? Keith McMahon @ TeleBusillis BT & UK FTTH Economics

New Telco Directions — Read Telco 2.0

I'm constantly impressed with the Telco 2.0 blog. This is the best site for learning about new telco directions. I do little traveling these days. But if there was something that I'd like to attend it would be one of their conferences. I've been an advocate for the horizontal telecom services model for a long... Continue Reading →

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